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Guv Goddess 4 Prez 2012!

The Other Alaska Jewel Puma Palin

Is it too early to begin campaigning for the 2012 race? No. Do you want to meet our country’s first female prez? I have. No it isn’t Billary, I’m talkin’ Sarah Palin, the most excellent guv of Alaska. She will be elected in 2012.

She has what it takes. She stormed into Juneau with grit and grace to clean house and mop up the corruption. She put Big 3 Oil in a headlock and they’re tapping into submission. Before one learns how intelligent, tough and politically savvy she is, the first thing one notices is her beauty. In 1984 she was Miss Congeniality and also competed in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant. Concerning her vivacious Avon looks, I have to give some credit to for their coverage of her ever since her election. They have hilarious articles and tidbits, such as,” New quarter design blah blah blah Alaska blah blah blah OMG Sarah Palin continues to be the hottest governor ever.” Whenever my coworker comes to work with her hair up and has on her fancy specs I say,”Pullin’ a Palin today I see.”

She is honest and has no problem admitting she smoked pot when it was legal in the A-K and says she can’t,”claim a Bill Clinton”. Not only can she clean the clocks of corrupt lawmakers, but as a life long member of the NRA she cleans the A-K’s fish and game faster than Billary cleaning up evidence.
Every time I see her, Jefferson Starship’s “Sarah” begins spinning in my head. Forget “Ginger or Mary Ann?”, how about “Sarah or Farah?”

I am not obsessed, simply inspired. To 2012…and beyond!

Even better, she is going to be VP 2008!  I knew she would be noticed, this is outstanding! The Cubs will win the World Series and Palin in the White House!  What an incredible year!


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