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If Roman Empiresque persecution was knocking on the arena doors of Lakewood Theater, 100% of the members would say,” Jesus who?” and say they’re just there for some inspirational teaching. Gentle congenial Joel is smoking a bowl if he thinks what he is doing pleases God. They appropriately chose theater like seats so the attenders can sit back, relax and enjoy the theatrical, dramatic, and flashy show. He wants us to find the champion in ourselves. LOL, how about we accept the Gift and let Jesus Christ inside of us? If I want to be a champion I’ll go to the gym.

I am on this soap box because I watched his interview on 60 Minutes this week, and BTW, Byron Pitts asked some hard-hitting questions. I’m going to keep an eye on his segments, I like what I see so far. Anyway, Joel says he wants to enlighten the masses about all the good things about God and that everything will be alright, totally ignoring the meat of the Message.

Unholy Joel has squandered his responsibility as a church leader. He professes to be a part of Jesus’ church but what he preaches is the doctrine of devils. He claims he’s making a difficult message simple, like the general population has no ability to do so themselves. While in truth he convoluted a very simple Message that even a child can understand. His message is not even in the same zip code as what Scripture teaches. Plain and simple, he is nothing more than a motivational speaker raking in millions not for His Commission, but his commission. Cajole Joel operates under the guise as a preacher. Is it to avoid taxes? Is it a thirst for power and prestige? Only he and God know his true motives, but I can guarantee it isn’t to cultivate Christians.

To see an example of a true Christian leader, go no further than Dr. John MacArthur ( who preaches the whole Book and not just the fluff. If you go across the pond and back a hundred years, Charles Spurgeon is another good example ( Christ didn’t humbly descend from Heaven to Man’s level and endure the vicious and brutal torture and crucifixion administered by mere mortal Man so that Joel could cajole millions into believing there is no obligation to follow Jesus’ teaching. Joel says to just think happy thoughts and everything will turn out okay. Jesus was hated, not loved, and said the same would happen to His followers. If you claim to be a follower of Christ but cuddle with the carnal world, then you’re fooling yourself for whatever reason and you’re a christian by Man’s false definition alone. That is, basically you’re a good person and believe there is a God and God is a softy who will let you in based upon your merits.

Hate It, don’t believe It, twist It, whatever you want to do to It; but nothing changes It. Just like the wind, you can say it doesn’t exist because you can’t see it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the wind is very real and on the move. Every knee will bow one day and each of us will profess,” Jesus is Lord.” Will your knee bend voluntarily or be forced? Will your lips utter He is Lord willingly or by command. Are you going to follow Joel or Jesus?

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