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Brother, Can You Spare A Bedroom?

Feels like an economy lobotomy is being administered to me.  The past four, almost five months now I have searched for a job to no avail.  I’ve never been in this position before and I don’t like how it feels.   What a bummer.  Ironic to say, “What a bummer”, when I’m living kind of like a bum.

I discovered in March that the new-wise-pinhead boss that breezed in from Ohio was laying off all the contractors, despite breaking previous promises made, in terms of contract-to-hire.  I realized this pinhead was actually a boardroom summoned hatchet man, dang the luck!  I immediately went into survival mode and circled the wagons, or wagon in my case.  Kind of dizzy doing circles by myself for months now.  This self preservation included breaking from my apartment lease and shacking up in spare bedrooms of friends and family to save spending money on rent.

It is okay doing this for a month or two, but I am growing weary of the whole situation at this point.  I miss being alone and not having to worry about being a burden to the other person’s home.  I am very fortunate and appreciative that I have many spare bedrooms to stake a tent…I have wonderful friends and family.  Regardless, I’ll be very happy and appreciate getting back into my own digs when that day comes.

I’m very happy that I have lived my life so far as a minimalist.  With all the moving I have done and presently living in limbo, it is good not having to haul a bunch of junk around.  I have one row of earthly goods stowed in my parent’s garage and don’t plan to ever have much more than that, who needs a bunch of stuff, I am in full agreement with George Carlin in that department.

Hopefully things will improve shortly, glad I saved enough money and I don’t have to ask for a dime at this time.  For now, just need a place to lay my head, so brother, can you spare a bedroom?


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