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For the first time in my life I am faced with collecting unemployment benefits after being laid off.  I am very happy to be collecting the $1,400 or so a month from the State of Missouri.  I have been diligently searching for employment for months, documenting each contact, and without the unemployment income I would be in dire straits.  The unemployment is keeping me afloat and helping me to be able to live and provide something to my children.

Unfortunately through this experience I have learned of other individuals who abuse this lifeline.  One example is an individual who works during the summer but because of the nature of his business is out of work during the winter months.  Instead of finding winter work he sits on his behind collecting unemployment benefits until the next summer.  Another example is a person who has skills as a welder but has been collecting unemployment dollars for almost two years I think.  His benefits expire in September of this year but he has milked the max from the system with no inclination to find work.  The last example is another individual who is in his upper 50s or lower 60s who was laid off and has not actively searched for new employment for months and months now.  Instead, he has taken money from the State coffers for the maximum amount of time allotted and is happy doing nothing and living off the money our tax dollars provide.

I diligently document all the companies I have applied for employment to on a weekly basis.  I go to the unemployment office monthly to check in.  I am following the rules and trying hard to get a new job since being laid off, but it is so discouraging to see these individuals taking advantage of a system put in place for people like me.  Where are the checks and balances to weed out these lazy leaches?  According to the documentation I have read there are apparently random audits against unemployment beneficiaries.  Evidently, that is not enough.

If I know of just three cases of abuse, I can only imagine what is happening with this situation compounded on a national scale.  I have read about prosecutions against individuals committing fraudulent acts against the system by collecting unemployment while actually banking employment checks elsewhere, but what about these slugs who are living off the benefits willingly and doing nothing to find a job?  The Labor Department has only one decent publication addressing this issue and that was published in 1953!  The only check and balance in place today to identify and prosecute these leaches is a random audit that obviously is not random or frequent enough!

Just another example of a government system that is easily abused and the honest man’s  tax dollars are just being handed over to a society of slugs…and the government wants us to trust them to manage a health insurance program.  No thanks.


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  1. We all pay into unemployment benefits. You have to have previously worked in order to qualify for benefits. It’s called unemployment insurance for a reason. The 50 year old man and his employers had ben paying into unemployment his whole working life. The welder and his employer had been paying in to unemployment while working during the summer.
    Are we to never have access to the money we put in as an insurance policy in case we can’t find suitable work?
    Why don’t you get a job at mcdonalds so you can get off unemployment? how but because it’s unsuitable work? you’d be working 40 hours a week making the same as your unemployment benefits, while wasting the 40 hours you could be searching for a suitable job.
    Also you get paid off of unemployment benefits based on your taxable income you made in the previous fiscal year. You were not even a resident of missouri last year, meaning that you are taking missourians “tax dollars”. We aren’t getting any alaskan tax dollars, are we?
    I find it disgusting that you refer to people in need of benefits and public assistance “slugs”. Who is the “honest man”?
    Are businesses the “honest man?”
    What about the welders employer? why do they only employ a full staff over the summer?
    I’ll tell you why, to save money. This guy is a skilled worker whose career only pays him in the summer. What work do you suggest he find in the winter, pumping gas and flipping burgers? What is stopping you from taking these jobs? Do they not pay enough for you to support your family? Of course not, but they do pay enough to disqualify you for unemployment.
    Why is that when a big company is in trouble that it’s the lowest paid workers that feel the brunt of it, while the CEO’s are making millions? Are they honest men?
    Your views on health care are also skewed. Don’t you realize that americans are already paying for the massive amount of uninsured? And that a nationalized system of preventative healthcare will in the long run make us a much more productive and globally viable society? Do you not care about your fellow citizens? Do you only care about your own self and family? The USA, the state of Missouri, the city you live in, the block your house is on, are all more important than any single family. We are all together on this bud. Like it or not you are one of the millions upon millions of unemployed. So go ahead and keep on diligently filling out your work search forms. I was at the career center yesterday and they told me (in not so many words) that they will not be investigating the accuracy of the information on my work search record, as long as it looks good thats fine. What’s that about? Where does the honest man fit in to there? Also It’s “Leeches”

    Comment by Tony | September 4, 2009 | Reply

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