The Open Range of Ash

A Pilgrim’s Progress

Empty Vessels

I’m sitting here on my apartment balcony watching neighbors walk their dogs, cats sitting in windows, and caged birds singing a tune from their owner’s balcony.  I also see cows grazing in fields, stray cats slinking by, and wild birds doing their business across the rooftops and trees.  It all makes me think of the measures some take to cater to animals.  From over indulgence of pampering their pets to spending millions of dollars to protect some odd species.

Okay, lets put this in Biblical perspective, God created us, Mankind…flesh and blood with a living soul.  Our bodies are but vessels for the soul, and real eternal life or death begins when our vessel ends, our soul is cut loose, and the final eternal state begins.  Animals don’t have that.  Animals, such as dogs, have spirits, they have emotion to a certain extent, but when they die, that is it, they are absorbed back into the soil and that is the end of the story.

That is just the way it is, but don’t get me wrong, God also gave us the task to care for Earth and animals, but within reason people.  Animals are here to serve us, to sustain us, to help us.  If we are doing are jobs right, there is a healthy balance of maintaining population and putting Mankind before the animal kingdom.  We get in trouble when we start putting the animal kingdom above Mankind. We should, as stewards of this Earth, be responsible and manage responsibly, and protect the animal kingdom from abuse, but when it comes to the betterment of Mankind versus the animal kingdom, Man wins.

God is going to wipe this Earth and Universe out eventually, so keep it all in perspective, accept and get your life right with Christ, and eventually, once your short 70 some odd years (or less) are done here in this world, it will all be gone and you will be living in a new perfect world and universe under the active, present rule of Jesus Christ.  If you don’t, you’ll be in eternal burning, isolated, darkness.  All this debate and confrontation concerning the environment and the empty vessels of the animal kingdom of this temporary world will be long forgotten.

This is just a reality check, take it or leave it.


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