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Officers? More Like Orifacers.

Man, I’m outside in a lawn chair in the yard enjoying the sunshine and blue sky. The air is so clear, can see the smallest details on the mountains and trees and can also see Denali from the 3rd story window of my office during the day at work. This is such a relief b/c it has been weeks of rain and 60s, so 3 or 4 days of sun and 70s must be enjoyed while it lasts.

There were some stupid kids on the playground right here earlier tonight. They were elementary age and their deplorable conversation revolved around sexual innuendos. They also tried to top each other on the cool chart by dropping clumsy curse words. They were even talking about politics and their thoughts were so warped, misinformed and misguided…who are the parents? To think Air Force officers spawned those lovely children. So sad. In reality, I do recall similar talk on my playground growing up, but to have it beating on my adult eardrums is unsettling.

On the lighter side, have a couple funnies. The X told me that Jonny loves the “secret” hatch in the backseat of the Corolla that leads into the trunk. She finished putting grocery sacks in the trunk and then Jonny climbed into the trunk and she shut it, got behind the wheel and drove away. She said some lady was watching her all the way out of the parking lot, probably thinking Jonny was still in the trunk.

Oh jeez, here is a nosy stupid neighbor story. I ‘m shacked up in the basement of my buddy’s house right now so the lovely neighbors do not know me. I’m sitting out here in the yard of my friend’s house right? Well, my buddy’s wife just spoke to me from the open window near me and said some lady that they don’t know came to their door and asked if they knew there was a man in their yard! Can you believe that? How ridiculous. I’m in a lawn chair, I have a tea cup and water bottle, a Kleenex box, a phone, headphones on me head listening to music, a book for my mouse to roll on, and a bright orange extension cord running from an outside outlet to my laptop. What was she thinking? Did she think I was brazen enough to camp in a stranger’s yard and hijack their broadband in broad daylight? Again, to think I’m sitting in a neighborhood of officers. I hate that, stuuuuupid people, get a clue. Is it odd to be sitting in your yard with a computer? I think not, welcome to the 21st century lady.

I was in the doctor’s office Tuesday to get Rx for the raging head cold I have and it’s almost gone. She asked, “How much have you been coughing?” I answered after a few seconds of thought, “About 6 cups.” I thought she asked how much coffee did I have that day. Too funny.

I suppose, probably should pack up and hit the sack. Still gorgeous out, but need to get my beauty sleep. Later…..


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