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Pseudo-christian and Religious Freedom

With all the recent news of Kim Davis and gay marriage, as in the past, I see individuals posting comments that basically can be summed up as this, “I am a Christian and Kim is a disgrace to Christianity”.

In reality it is the very opposite. Sure she has a sordid past, but don’t we all? God doesn’t save saints, He saves sinners. What she is saying is Biblical Truth. The problem is not the sword of Biblical Truth she is wielding, the problem is she’s swinging it on the wrong battlefield. Though they are trying to spin it as such, this is not an attack on religious freedom. As the judge noted, she is simply choosing not to do her job and issue certificates. Albert Mohler did an excellent job of breaking down this particular situation:

I had the same thought when I first read about this, Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Doing your job issuing certificates for the government as an elected county clerk is not condoning or attaching yourself to the act. Now compare that with attending and taking part in the actual celebration of the wedding as a guest…that is condoning the act and a situation a true Christian would have to decline to attend. So Kim chose an unnecessary battle. Please, just issue the certificates and also just bake the cakes people, you are just providing a service. As for the private businesses, use that as an opportunity to share the Gospel. If they don’t want to hear it, they can take their business elsewhere and you won’t get sued for discrimination because you declined to provide a service. The reality is if you are going to decline to open your doors to homosexuals based on Biblical principles, you can’t just choose that one sin, you must apply that position across the board for all sins, and at that point, you would not have one customer. You wouldn’t even be able to issue yourself a marriage certificate or bake yourself a cake.

Back to the pseudo-christian. God’s Word, our conscience, and biological function is very clear. If you are finding a way to justify any sin, whether it is homosexuality, adultery, stealing, coveting, etc., then you are an idolater who has created and follows a god that does not exist. When I see one of those comments, it is just evidence that with all the social\morality discourse right now, the wheat is being separated from the chaff. Pseudo-christians are being exposed and true Christians are standing out brighter in the darkness, even if it is the wrong place…Kim.


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